TDF010 - Infernal Road EP by CKS
"Solid Sounds" - 08/10
Artist, Jaded Music
"Ket Robinson remix is excellent!" - 08/10
Artist, Amotik
"Yeah its a great package! Tracks 1 and 4 are my favourites."
Journalist, Zone Magazine
"Sangaredi is awesome"


CKS - Infernal Road EP

A Few Words...

For his first release on TDF Records, CKS invites us to discover its mental and deep universe through 4 tracks subtly evolving towards a poignant and tense atmosphere. The first two tracks, Sangaredi and Infernal Road, perfectly combine this desire for chiaroscuro: armed with an ardent bass and pad, the high notes alone form a melody that gradually guides us towards a release of the mind. This abandonment of consciousness is achieved by listening to Sleeping All Day, an atmospheric track without kick that awakens our senses more by focusing on these delicately crafted textures. Finally, invited by CKS to close this release, Ket Robinson carried out a remix to reveal a heavy and oppressive variant of Infernal Road in the continuity of the sounds and spirit of this EP.

Mastering: Elliott Sebag
Original Artwork : Evan Hays

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