TDF006 - Untitled EP by Jack George
"Great stuff. Well balanced and good sounds in each track." - 08/10
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"Goooood!! Different way and Disturbing for me. Fiiiire!"


Arkama - Lose Yourself to Dance in the Warehouse EP

A Few Words...

Based in Paris, Arkama is a young producer born in the mid-1990s. Discovering techno during a warehouse evening, he then became interested in the movement and began his own creations. Influenced by raves, his energetic techno will plunge you into an acid, industrial, trashy, sometimes melodic and deep deluge. With Lose Yourself To Dance In The Warehouse, Arkama offers a balanced EP tailored for the hangar. In particular, we find Old School coloured synths and captivating melodies on a powerful kick. From one track to another, Arkama leads its audience into a sound paradox, between driving grooves and aerial breakdowns.

Master by : Evan Hays
Original Artwork : Evan Hays