TDF006 - Untitled EP by Jack George
"Really nice one. C#1 is an absolute killer" - 08/10
"Ultra mental, super bien produit bravo!! préférence pour le c#3 et c#1."


Jack George - Untitled EP

A Few Words...

For his second release on TDF Records, Jack George returns with a hypnotic and mental EP with his own sound signature. Coming straight from Los Angeles, Jack George is up and coming DJ and producer on the Montreal scene with an excellent reading of the dance floor. This can be heard in the original arrangements of his long progressive and bewitching tracks. In addition to two techno tracks with a driving groove, he delivers a third one with a breakbeat colour and a last one, more experimental, where we can find all his talent in sound design. The spatial movement printed in its various elements with minimalism is added to his audacious modus operandi: all the percussions and part of the synthesizers are sampled from field recording sounds. Let yourself be drawn into Jack George’s universe with this immersive EP that reveals its meaning on the dance floor.

Master by : KLVS
Original video clip : Alexa Rhynd