White Rabbit EP by Evan Hays [TDF005]

A few words...

For this fifth release TDF Records, we present you an EP composed by Evan Hays, founder of the collective. Through this EP, you will discover his sonic universe and recognize the influences that have animated him for a few years now. With a love for Old School Techno, Evan Hays uses acid synths to create solid grooves while keeping his very own experimental side. The kicks, powerful and very deep, are his trademark and contrast with the ethereal textures in the background. Through the mix and mastering of his EP, Evan Hays shows a concern for balance and technique, with the exception of the second track which keeps its raw feeling. White Rabbit is also a nod to many of his inspirations outside of electronic music: from Matrix to Alice in Wonderland to Jefferson Airplane’s psychedelic.


Production: Evan Hays
Mixdown: Evan Hays
Mastering: Elliott Sebag

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